Doesn´t matter what you are looking for, sure you will find it here. 
If there is any question you could have, go to the FAQs or contact me directly, I will write you back in no time.


A photo shoot prior to the wedding in the streets of Barcelona or some other location of your choice.

A day where we will enjoy in the most beautiful and colorful streets and landscapes.

Don't worry, probably you are not models so you don't have to know any pose, I will let you know the basics and from then on will be just a good moment among friends I promise!


The whole wedding, one photographer from top to bottom.

From the early groom and bride preparations until one 
hour after the celebration party.

A minimum of 800 top quality photographs, delivered digitally as well as in a beautiful pen drive inside a wooden box.



 This one is special!

One day dedicated to the bride. 
A professional photoshoot on the location of your choosing.

A make up artist, a hairdresser, beautiful lighting and and the most amazing settings for you to remember that moment in your life and that beautiful dress!


If you would like a second photographer ("second camera") for the wedding, a video of the wedding, drone or any other request, let me know. 

I worked with several other top quality proffessionals so we can arrange whatever need you have for your big day. 

FAQs about the weddings


How many hours of photography is the whole day?

A full day of work for me it´s 12 to 14 hours. Basically from the preparations of the bride and groom, until one hour after the celebration party begins. That is a good number of hours to be able to photograph all parts of your wedding and tell the whole story. After 14 hours, I´ll run out of energy for sure.

What are the rules for rescheduling or canceling due to corona?

Each couple pays a deposit of 350,- euro. You pay this for keeping the wedding date free. And if for any reason you have to postpone the wedding, we will first look for a new wedding date. Rescheduling is free and canceling will only cost you the deposit of 350,-

How many photos do we get?

I take a lot of pictures during the day, on average between 3000 and 6000 thousand. I carefully select the photos that best tell your story and pay more attention to quality than quantity. In practice, I find that this comes down to at least 400 photos that tell your story. These photos are carefully edited in color and black and white.

How far in advance should we book you?

Generally, a wedding photographer is booked 9-10 months in advance. Once your wedding date is known, it is best to contact me directly. Especially in high season, I get booked up fast. Of course, you can also be lucky, and I may have a spot available at the last minute.

How do I know if we are a match?


If you are in Barcelona we can find out by meeting up for a coffee. Then we can discuss what you need, what you are looking for and if we fit together.

If you live outside Barcelona or abroad, surely we can have an online video call and see if we match.

Where do you work?

I'm based in Barcelona, but I travel to all of Europe. It really depends on you where to go, let´s have a video call and we can check the details.

What are our photos going to look like?

All those photos on my website are very nice of course and I can imagine that you are thinking 'but how will it look like with us'?

That is of course hard to say in advance and very much depends on your chosen locations and the amount of light. Because I shoot realistically, a location with a lot of light will result in lighter images and vice versa.


I always shoot in the same way and my post processing creates the same 'look' and 'feel' for all my reports. Still, your reportage will have its own characteristics because no day is the same, but that makes your photo reportage interesting and unique. It would be crazy if it looked sunny while it was raining.

What is included in the price? Are there any hidden costs?

You will receive from me a wedding coverage with the most important ingredients of your life: yourself, family and friends.

Preview of highlight photos, in your mailbox during the week after the wedding.

Your personal online gallery with all your photos.

Slideshow that takes you all the way back to the day. With music and all the best moments.

All prices include IVA and travel within Barcelona. And if it is outside Barcelona or abroad, we will add the travel and accommodation for two days.

There are no hidden costs.

What happens when you are sick?

That has fortunately never happened, but I never say never. With a little headache or flu I don't stay home in case of a wedding, but with a broken arm I find it a little harder to photograph. If I really can't come, I will look for a photographer whose methods and style match mine. I have a large network of photographers, in which we are each other's backup. Even if it is very last minute.


What is the delivery time of the photographs?

Approximately 30 days.


Do you do photo and video?

I am a photographer and I have my own way of working, which is different from video. If you want to hire photo and video for your wedding, just let me know as I work with some really amazing videographers.