The task of finding the best wedding photographer for your day can be difficult. Nowadays there are many offers, prices and styles, which may well end up making this decision one of the most complex for your wedding day.

The importance of having the right photographer for your big day should not be overlooked. In short, what you are doing is investing in memories that in time will take on more and more meaning, so if you skimp on this item, it may well result in washed out memories that far from making you look forward to that day, will leave you with a bad taste in your mouth, either because the quality was not what you expected, because when you look at the photographs far from remembering the beauty of the moment you only remember the photographer's instructions or because the style of photographs simply does not represent you.

The truth is that there are as many kind of wedding photographers as there are personalities. There are those who are extroverted, introverted, who work in teams or alone, who actively participate in the wedding by instructing the bride and groom, or those who prefer to be present but not interfere with the events.

This is important without a doubt, since it will affect (for better or worse) the relationship he will generate with his client.

It is important as well because it may have an impact on the wedding photography style he or she will have. A more introvert wedding photographer can be more prone to use a more documentary photographic style, or a more extrovert personality can tend to be more active in directing the couple, therefore using a more traditional or fashionable approach.

Is that mean that one is better than the other?

Not at all!, as I talked in “3 TIPS TO FIND THE BEST WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER IN BARCELONA FOR YOU”, it all depends on the right fit for you as a couple.

Alongside the photographer personality, the wedding photography style it’s one of the most important factors when it comes to choose the photographer for you.

Being able to classify the wedding photography styles is always complex. However, in order to create this classification, I will refer to purely stylistic parameters, leaving aside those that are more related to the techniques used and which I will refer to at the end.

It is characterized by being a photograph without great risks, which complies with record the most traditional moments of the wedding and does so in a correct way. The photographer will be asking the couple and guests to look at the camera and will direct them depending on the light conditions or elements in the frame.

There will be times when he will not be able to direct the bride and groom or the guests, but he will take the photographs from traditional angles, acting as a record of what happened without any further creative input.

It is a style that is still maintained in certain places, but it does not provide greater risk or artistic contribution by the photographer. It could be considered a somewhat outdated style that has been displaced by others who seek more spontaneity or more modern looks.

My kind of wedding photographic style!

It is characterized by a photographer who is present "in the shadows", or as some call it "the fly on the wall". In other words, he or she interferes minimally with the facts that are presented to him or her (at most perhaps he or she will ask to move them in order to obtain better light).

He favors the spontaneous moments as they develop on the wedding day. The emotions as they are manifested and the moments without a script are what he is looking for.

He won't be asking you for poses or giving instructions and will probably surprise you with moments when you didn't even notice you were being portrayed.

It requires great skill on the part of the photographer since he must be attentive to everything that is happening around him, without losing those important moments and he must do it in a technically correct way and with emotional meaning.

This style is characterized by the beauty and aesthetics of the images. The moments are exalted almost to a category of art. Within this style we find in turn two sub styles, such as Fine Art Photography and Creative Art Photography.

- Fine art wedding photography

It resembles a work you might find in a museum, has pictorial characteristics and each of the shots evokes beauty by itself and is associated more with poses directed by the photographer and cared for in aesthetic terms, where the landscape or environment plays an equally important role as the subjects portrayed.

- Creative artistic wedding photography

It is characterized by a type of photographer who, while seeking the beauty of photography, will do so with a more spontaneous approach. He does not usually direct the scene as if it were a painting, but takes advantage of what is happening in an original way to apply techniques or creative tools such as angles ,reflections, frames, lines, colors, to name a few and thus exalt or give strength to the images.

It is a photograph that derives from editorial or magazine images, where the bride and groom are authentic models and pose in situations or circumstances elaborated beforehand to enhance the moment. It is a story told in images and with great technical quality.

Along with wedding photography styles, there are the techniques we use as photographers that ultimately help define one's style. Whether at the time of the wedding or later when we go in to retouch the photographs, we use tools that will give the final touch to our work.

The use of natural or artificial light at the time of the wedding, the lenses used, the photographic equipment we carry and use, are all elements that result in a unique stamp.

Also, how we treat the photography in postproduction, what tones we use, the contrast we apply, the atmosphere we create, is the final step and will give an atmosphere to the photographs.

A step that is of great importance and in which we photographers, some more and some less, dedicate hours to deliver quality work.

I suggest that you look at photographs and define the style that best suits your tastes and then look for photographers who perform exactly that style.

The truth is that if you know the wedding photography style, it will be much easier to find a photographer whose work reflects what you are looking for. If, on the other hand, you try to get a photographer to adapt to the idea you already have in mind, well, the chances are that the final work will not be to your liking or to the liking of the photographer, since he or she will try to emulate a style that is not his or her own.

Define a style that you like and look for the photographer who will create work in that line!

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