... And then who is behind 1600 Stories...?

Well, 1600 Stories is my creation but told through your own stories and experiences.. 

I introduce myself, I'm Humberto Segura, Chilean based in Barcelona since 2017. I decided to leave my profession as a lawyer behind and dedicate myself to what fills me and makes me happy, being a photographer and being able to share my particular look with others. That's why I came to Barcelona to study photography graduating myself from Grisart School of Photography on 2019.


My wedding photography is documentary, that is, without poses or instructions. Because let's be honest, as the years go by and when you see your photographs, the last thing you will want to remember are the instructions that the photographer gave you at the time. 


I want to tell your story, to be present but almost invisible, so that you can be yourselves and live your day with total naturalness, you can rest assured that I will take care of portraying your best memories!



Phone: +34 652 627766

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Email: info@1600stories.com

Spain - Chile 


Barcelona, 08003 

info@1600stories.com  |  Phone: +34 652627766

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